Glyn Dwfn Champions

The Shire of Glyn Dwfn

The Shire of Glyn Dwfn is the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA) centered around Medford, Ashland and Jackson County Oregon. The SCA is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to re-creating aspects of life in medieval and renaissance Europe.

Glyn Dwfn Champions

Archery Champion (determined at Tain Bo)                                                     
Ian Campbell (Glyn Dwfn) as of August 2016

Arts & Science Champion (determined at Samhain)                                         
Seraphinuus Gerulf (Glyn Dwfn) as of October 2016

Cut & Thrust Champion (determined at Hocktide)                                                  
Brandubh de Santini (Briaroak) as of May 2017

Equestrian Champion                                                     
Tassi hestamaðr (Terra Pomeria)  as of May 2016   

Heavy Defender of Glyn Dwfn (determined at Hocktide)                                  
Gideon of Clan Shaw (Glyn Dwfn) as of May 2017

Rapier Champion (determined at Samhain)                                                             
Mikkel as of October 2016