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Glyn Dwfn Awards

Head(s) of Cattle – Given for individual acts of service, chivalric behavior, and other good deeds. Members may be granted multiple heads of cattle at the same time and there is no limit to how many times the heads of cattle may be given.

Award of the Acorn – An award given to the youth and children of the Barony who enrich Our lands with their efforts and contributions.

Award of the Annulet – An award given by one or both of the Baronial Coronets for personal service and support.

Order of the Compass and Quadrant – Members granted entrance into the Order are those who started their SCA journey in the Barony of Glyn Dwfn but left and continue to grow the Dream elsewhere in the Knowne World.

Order of the Rainbow – An order for members or households who are inclusive, welcoming, and kind to all members of our society and communitty and whose works and deeds support diversity and inclusion.

The Gules Comet – An award given to those with great martial prowess and skill who enrich the Barony through their skills and efforts.

The Green Flame – An award given to those with immense artistic skill and/or scientific knowledge and whose works contribute to the A&S community of Glyn Dwfn.

The Stella Azzurra – An award given to members who have provided exemplary service to the Barony and its people.

Order of the Pantheon – Membership in the order is granted to those members who have made extraordinary contributions to the Barony and who embody the ideals and virtues of the very best of us. Entrance into the Order is the highest honor the Baronial Coronets can bestow. It may be given only once per year, though the Baronial Coronets are not required to name a new member each year.

Company of the Argent Helm – An Order for former Heavy Champions of Glyn Dwfn
Company of the Sable Buckler – An Order for former Cut & Thrust Champions of Glyn Dwfn
Company of the Golden Dagger – An Order for former Rapier Champions of Glyn Dwfn
Company of the Green Arrows – An Order for former Archery Champions of Glyn Dwfn
Fellowship of the Pear’s Leaf – An Order for former Arts & Sciences Champions of Glyn Dwfn
Fellowship of the Azure Harp – An Order for former Bardic Champions of Glyn Dwfn